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In a world where finding positive role models is an essential orientation by us, especially for our children and young people, we are always glad to profile such individuals and organisations who fit this category. Certainly, by seeing positive black role models making an impact within not only society but their community we hope will have positive and life changing effects on our youth. It is critical more than ever before that we strive in this ever competitive, diverse, racist and challenging society to give our young people the best that we can in whatever way we can.

As quoted by Langston Hughes
American Poet (February 1, 1902 - May 22, 1967)

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."

This page is dedicated to women and men who through hard work, determination and their faith have aspired and realised their dreams, not only for themselves but in doing so have paved the way for their children and offer hope for the rest of us to reach our goals. All too often we give up, find excuses, blame others for not reaching our full potential, but I believe the women and men showcased on this site serve to remind us that we can achieve our goals and dreams if we really want to and even more so, if we receive the support of our families and community. Listed below are some of the many successful and inspirational women and men within our Caribbean community.


Profiles 2015

Brand new Book now available May 2015

SWEET HOME, JAMAICA, By Claudette Beckford-Brady,


The Queen has honoured a leading Caribbean Education and Literary Specialist, Dr Roselle Antoine for her contribution to Adult Learning and Community Development over the past 25 years. Keva Margetson updates us from her first interview with Caribbean Woman in 2003.

I will be profiling Delroy Constantine-Simms, one of the few black Occupational Psychologists in the UK. Also Denise Gibbs Naguaar - who won Teacher of the Year 2011. Dr Lorna Cork, recently published Supporting Black Pupils and Parents: understanding and improving home-school relations.

There is also a wealth of fantastic artists and illustrators out in the big wide world who are all trying to make their mark. Their artistic talent is more than just that. Add to this bubbling pot of creativity subtle social and political messages and you have a humorous forum with healthy debate. So take a look at the work of Manny Otiko and Dr Chris Otiko . Also there is the multi-talented Reginald Butler who resides in New York where he currently words as a Digital Color Background Artist on Fox's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Dancing Diablo Animation Studios. He says "he's a young artist who is eager to explore different avenues for his work.


Keva Margetson lives in Antigua, Susan Haynes-Elcock lives in Barbados and is a successful writer, we would also like to introduce Barbara Campbell who is the editor of Live Listings magazine based in the UK and Sandra Maize Ricketts is an Inspirational Speaker. Carol Jacobs, Skillset Millennium Award Co-ordinator, a dynamic woman with extensive media knowledge. Ruth Rouse, High Commissioner for Grenada, Sybil Phoenix a strong community figure, Dr Roselle Antoine founder of TCS Tutorial College and Dawn Grant, founder and co-director of the Caribbean Food Emporium. Ken Barnes, is President of the 100 Black Men of London an organisation working in the heart of the community, and Michael Louison is a martial arts teacher who speaks fluent Chinese. Roots for Real, Would you like to find out from which people your personal maternal lineage is descended? African Caribbean Leukemia Trust - would you consider being a donor?, Felix Cross is Chief Executive of Europe's Oldest Black theatre Group, A Nitro, see what he has to say about his job, Dainty Drysdale, a musical composer, who took part in A nitro at the opera last year, Patrick Vernon, Social Entrepreneur, who set up the acclaimed website every generation, Rebecca Gordon - she has opened a new Book store in Birmingham called Conscious Equation. Meet the representative of the Cayman Islands - Jennifer Dilbert whose love, dedication and passion for her country makes her a truly unique ambassador. Dr Barbara Collins, hails from the USA but whose links with the Caribbean are still very strong - a woman of great vision. Her father Elmore "Tee" Collins, was the first black animator and first animator on Sesame Street a popular children's television program. Read about the well-known Barbadian actor and comedian Carl Padmore and the dynamic husband and wife combination of Millie and Justin of Lewis Hanson Greetings, multi-cultural card collections. We would also like to introduce; Lady Pineapple who is a promoter of music, an industry which she is very passionate about, and Dr Christopher Johnson a Business Management Consultant, an academic, an author, an established journalist and an entrepreneur. Jennifer and Sylvia Lewis of Clever Cloggs Nursery Award winners of Emerging Company of the Year at the Black Enterprise Awards held at the Institute of Directors October 2010.

South East London SHA launches its promotional campaign encouraging young black and minority ethnic groups (BMEs) to tap in the NHS Direct's phone number.

The London Fire Brigade are currently running a campaign to recruiting from London's black and visible minority communities which they hope will ensure continued good relations between The London Fire Brigade and London's many diverse communities.